Marker Monument Regulations

[Above: Lincoln Cemetery in Lincoln, CA]

• A memorial marker/monument must be place within one year of burial.

• The endowment care fee must be paid before a marker/monument may be placed

• Upright monuments and pillow markers are allowed only in specified sections in all the cemeteries. Flat markers only in Santa Clara Memorial Park.

• Marker/monument installation shall be done only by a licensed monument dealer or concrete contractor. The dealer/contractor must provide proof of liability insurance coverage of at least one million dollars and worker’s compensation insurance.

• The installer must make an appointment to meet with district staff to verify location and oversee the work. The installer must start and complete the work during the normal working hours of the staff.

• The marker/monument shall be set in a concrete foundation with at least one flower vase set in the foundation. If one or more markers containing a vase are already located on the grave, addition vases are not required. The concrete foundation shall be at least four inches deep and contain four lengths of rebar at least half inch in diameter. The concrete foundation shall be large enough to provide a margin of no less than four inches on all sides of the monument/base. A minimum of nine inches of concrete is required on any side containing a flower vase.

• When setting a flat marker, the edges of the stone shall be level with the concrete.

• Only markers/monuments made of bronze, granite or marble are allowed. There is a minimum of a three inch thickness required on all marble or granite markers/monuments.

• The entire length of a marker/monument including the foundation shall not exceed 48 inches for a single grave and 36 inches in Santa Clara Memorial Park. The entire length of a double marker/monument including the foundation set over two graves shall not exceed 96 inches and 72 inches in Santa Clara Memorial Park.

• Precast marker foundations (Tubs) may be used only for flat bronze or granite markers or for a single size pillow marker.

• The installer is responsible for the removal of all waste or excess material from the cemetery grounds.

• Base foundations for slant and upright monuments shall be constructed and allowed to cure before the stone is set on the top. The installer shall then attach base to foundation with sand/cement mix so that the stone can be removed from the monument foundation base if it is necessary to move both for another burial. An exception to this rule is that an upright granite/marble VA monument may be set into the concrete foundation all in one step while the concrete is wet.

• If a monument is tall enough to require drilling and rod insertion for stabilization, it shall be done without adding more concrete or fixative.

• When a second marker is installed on a single grave, it shall be set immediately adjacent to the first marker/monument.

• No District employee shall assist in setting the marker/monument or use District equipment to assist in an installation.

• No marker will be allowed to be set over an unoccupied grave, with the following exceptions: the marker/monument is a double, one half of which will be set over an occupied grave.

• The deceased memorialized on the marker was interred elsewhere and no other individual will ever be buried in the grave.

• The grave will be used solely for inurnment of cremations.

• New copings are not allowed in any of the cemeteries

• The District may at its discretion repair markers/monuments but assumes no liability for damage and/or vandalism.

• Markers/monuments are the property of the purchaser. The district is in no way responsible for the marker after it is installed. The concrete foundation and marker must be strong enough to withstand any potential damage which could be caused by equipment driven over the marker.

[Above: Lincoln Cemetery in Lincoln, CA]

[Above: Manzanita Cemetery in Lincoln, CA]

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